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Work Standing Up

Standing Desks

It's a human-sized hamster wheel desk. For people tired of plain old treadmill desks...

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

ideas modern desk

ideas modern desk

saw this at a furniture store.

Saw this in Ikea over the weekend.

Just clip on and work

TaskMate EZ 6400 Sit-Stand Workstation

a home office...creator says..Since it looks and feels kind of stupid to stand on my treadmill and type on my laptop with the treadmill turned off, I turn on the treadmill and walk. Next thing you know, I have walked five miles, answered all of my emails, reviewed a new contract, checked in on Facebook, written a couple of tweets, and completed this blog post.

Standing desks burn more calories and contribute to better posture. Take a stand and elevate your desk using books, bricks, coffee tables, or boxes. #standingdesk

"Fixed-height #standingdesk with a Bar Stool. This solution makes the most sense to me: rather than greatly complicate the desk design with moving parts so that you can raise it up and down, why not just get a chair high enough so that you can sit at your standing desk when you want? Then you can have a nice sturdy desk as well as the options to both stand and sit. Without further ado, here’s the desk I built from various IKEA parts!"