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Photos: Vaudeville

12 Pins

Nico Jesse - French Cancan, Moulin Rouge, Paris 1960's. °

Burlesque dancer, Zorita

Интересное и забытое - быт и курьезы прошлых эпох.




Like Jack Horner in a corner, don't go nowhere. What do I care?

Ministry of Silly Walks

Bill Bojangles Robinson. (Using young black children in vaudeville acts was popular and represented a unique employment opportunity for talented kids. They usually sang and danced, and occasionally played musical instruments for the dimes and quarters he would make in beer gardens and burlesque houses). Orphaned shortly after his birth in 1878, he was raised by a grandmother for a few years.

The girl who made vaudeville famous, Eva Tanguay was larger than life. She earned the admiration of Aleister Crowley, who called her "the soul of America at its most desperate eagle-flight...the perfect American artist...ineffably, infinitely, sublime." Shocking for her day and age, she wrote her own songs, many of them odes to and about herself.

---It was a different time. Even though it had its upper crust fans, vaudeville was a working class form of entertainment. .....

Bert Gordon