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jackie turnbull

jackie turnbull

Bling bling bling

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cute ear piercings

  • Amber Pinter

    does it hurt?

  • Cassie Barton

    I think it's perfectly legit to ask how much it hurt. Getting as much info as possible is essential before getting a piercing/tattoo. I got a tattoo and before I asked a ton of questions, one of which was how much it might hurt. Cousin went with me and hers hurt much more than mine in the same spot. Pain tolerances are different for different people. So, please ask all the questions you need to ask people... including if it hurt and how much.

  • Tami Foote Gibbs

    Love it, have one in the top of my ear, didn't hurt a bit - my daughter has the same thing and no problems, I think that I need to do this it is adorable!

  • Shawna Stinnett

    does anyone know the name of this piercing??

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Best Workout Website

  • bobble

    They look like oppressed women. Watch a few.

  • Ashley Smith Grahek

    Chris hollsnder

  • Autumn Longly

    I love bodyrock! And it works!

  • Carleigh Melton

    I love to body rock!! @bobbie it is one of the most empowering sites so I'm not sure if you're thinking of something else...Lisa, Sean and Freddy provide HIIT for only 12-15 minutes a day. Love them!

  • Melissa Cottle

    "oppressed"? It's usually a spoil glutton who probably eats for 5 who says stuff like that on here. They are all healthy fit women. I've been doing BodyRock and ZWows for months and hands down they are the best out there. You will see results if you eat right as well.

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Fall Flower Arrangements

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