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Filter It - Coffee Filter Crafts

Things to make with the versatile coffee filter

Coffee Filter Garland

Gorgeous coffee filter flower tutorial

Using a coffee filter to make a snowflake... what a great idea! Already in a circle, gives the 3D effect when unfolded, and cheaper than using up all my paper budget!

Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

Matthew Parker Events - events - coffee filter sculpture with Sam Trout

Can not wait to try this! Chihuly bowls without special products - just coffee filters and liquid starch.

Abstract art with coffee filters and rubber cement resist

The paper garland is made from recycled paper, coffee filters, tulle and organza.

Coffee filter wall art

  • Paola Bear

    How do you do this?

  • Tracey van Lent

    @Paola Bear They are clean, unused coffee filters, each attached to the wall with thumb-tacks (you could use gold or any colour). Some are smoothed down flat and others are scrunched away from the wall to create more of a 3-D flower. There are also some little rows of thumbtacks making a few stems in between the flowers. The trick is to have a nice sweeping design that is thicker and thinner in places. Hope that helps.

  • Tracey van Lent

    @Paola Bear Several websites with this image say it is coffee filters but now I am inclined to believe it is paper doilies and cupcake liners with large orange thumbtacks. See

Coffee filter as a candy bag