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Fast House Cleaning

Do It Yourself Foaming Toilet Cleaner!--pour in toilet 1 c. Baking soda then 3c. Vinegar, let sit 30 min, scrub, done!

The Great Lemon Bomb Toilet Cleaner!

How to keep your bathroom clean in 5 mins a day

How to make super soft t shirts

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Frugality Gal: How to Clean Drip Pans Naturally

"DIY Toilet Bombs~just drop them in the toilet bowl they start fizzing (= exploding;-) and not only do they smell amazing they also cleanse, deodorize and kill the bacteria (including the odor-causing ones!) And on top of that, these bombs became a part of bathroom decor - don't they just look beautiful?;-)"

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows - Pinner said, Best way EVER to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! I cleaned 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in 9 minutes!!!

Use cornstarch to remove cooking grease from a wall--just pour some on a rag and wipe spot until it is gone! Need to remember this.

Soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap around faucets. wait an hour and wipe off. Cleaning power of Vinegar!

Swift Dust Socks--NO sewing! I was just going through my fuzzy socks i don't wear! now I know what to do with them!!

You can use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in your kitchen and bathroom, and to make your own “oxi clean”. This stuff is amazingly versatile!

131 uses for vinegar

Erase hard water stains with a lemon...and other tips to naturally clean your bathroom.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Clothing (even after it dries!) So important to know!