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in case of an emergency

Many see storing food as a necessary investment for themselves and their family. Knowing which foods to store and how long they will last are the key elements to making the most on a food investment. These 12 food items can last a lifetime if properly stored.

Pillow pattern for Wonder Oven

Wonder Oven with sewing directions (I think I just gave one of these away! -Patti)

Challenged Survival: Canning Meatloaf for Meals in a Jar

Challenged Survival: Canning Meatloaf for Meals in a Jar

Challenged Survival=great site for canning and prepping. This family lives self sufficiently. Impressive

Challenged Survival: Around the Homestead

This is our homemade solution for controlling humidity during storage. An old lid with holes punched fits inside an old 2gal bucket.The perforated lid sits about 1/2 way down the bucket. We pour IceMelt on top. Humidity is collected in the bottom of the bucket. IceMelt from Walmart. Much cheaper than purchasing DryEze or a similar product. We check once every month or two for a refill.

Seriously clever! A headlamp around a gallon of water = ambient light for your tent and a great night lamp when the power is out.

DIY camp stove/heat source from tuna can + cardboard + oil. I made this using wax and a wick. Very handy when power went off in the middle of cooking burgers for supper. I tried to make another one later with a nylon wick, that was a total fail. :/