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Jarlshof is the best known prehistoric archaeological site in Shetland, Scotland. It lies near the southern tip of the Shetland Mainland and has been described as "one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles".[1] It contains remains dating from 2500 BC up to the 17th century AD. A must see...

Wow. Jungfrau mountain, Switzerland

Zion National Park (Utah) - we hiked about 5 miles UP the river canyon. most of the hike is in water that is between ankle deep and thigh deep water. it's called 'hiking the narrows'...the walls of the canyon get very, very narrow in some sections. absolutely one of my most memorable hikes of my life. recommendation: if you do it, go to the gear rental place right outside the entrance to the national park and RENT the padded water hiking boots and a hiking pole. there's little chance my ...

if you ever go into Northern Arizona /Utah, I highly recommend going on a few hikes in these canyons. I promise you, you have never seen anything like this on this scale before

High Altitude Hikes in Utah

shade hikes in Utah

The Highlands of Scotland are an unspoilt wilderness of breathtaking scenery. Accommodation in the towns and villages are a good base for visiting the many castles and sites of historic interest that the Highlands have to show. The high peaks, forests, glens, lochs and wildlife make touring the Scottish Highlands a destination worthy of a visit. I loved it so much there and I would love to go back :-)

love hunger games. Think I'll make it my goal to get through these too.