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Can't believe I only discovered this gem now! It's the perfect 90's nostalgia gift for my gamer geek. I just hope he's manly enough to open the crate! #mancrates

How neat are these?!?! After you burn the candle for so long it reveals a ring valuing either 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 dollars. Candles only cost $24.95 and come in TONNNS of scents.

Fine Quality Strap Pocket Slim Fit Men Leather Jacket Black | eBay

Another great idea that can be altered for so many different occurences and relationships. I love it!

This is a brilliant idea! A handsome plant feeder that waters your plants, even when you’re away from home.

brilliant, until of course the winds pull the umbrella out of your hand, then watch up! But besides that, so cool!

Candy Gram for Teacher Gift! Love this....I SKORed big when I got you for a teacher. Don't SNICKER, but I think you're great! You are MOUNDS of fun and you have brought me so much JOY. I think you ROCK. (pop rocks) Thanks BEARY much (gummy bears) for always being so JOLLY (jolly ranchers) and for helping me become such a SMARTIE. Teachers like you are worth a MINT. (york peppermint patty) I'd be a NERD if I didn't thank you for helping me put the PIECES (reeses pieces) of the knowledge puzzl...

Call Her Blessed: There's Always A Silver Lining. Get Well Gift Idea. ;o) #DIY #gift