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New Parents of Twins

Help for New Parents of Twins

Need help supporting your aching back and tummy? This amazingly soft, super comfortable and fully adjustable maternity support garment provides safe and effective relief from multiple aches and pains often felt during pregnancy. This and many more great gear for expecting mommies in the 2014 Baby Gear edition of Multiplicity!

Why do I still look pregnant? It could be Diastasis Recti.

Why do I still look pregnant? It could be Diastasis Recti.

"Whodunit? It’s the age old question of every parent of multiples. From the time our twinnies become independent thinkers, it’s game on!" Read more at

The Blame Game: Caught in the Act

With so much piled on our plate to take care of during the day; sometimes, there is little time left to plan creative meals. To help you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of finger foods and bright ideas, for you to call your own. Learn more at

Phenomenal Finger Foods For our Twinnies

"Shortly after coming home the visitors started coming by to meet the new babies. I had one major rule: Before you go near the twins you must spend time with the older boys. It wouldn’t take long before they asked if you wanted to meet their new brother and sister. This way it made them feel important and they got to do it on their terms." Read more at!!

Bonding With Twins and Older Siblings