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I am WEIRD I do not like my food to "touch" .... it is a race to see how fast i can eat cereal before it is the least bit soggy... I soooo need this bowl!!! =)

One of the more fascinating baby grave markers I've found. Chippiannock cemetery, Rock Island, IL

There's a strange convergence of My Little Pony and Star Wars out there.....WTH?

In case of emergency. Found on tumblr, unknown source.

Santa Clause loves snakes..

Dear Captain Picard, we could really need some snow, too! Would you care to come around and help us? Warp 9.9 would really be great! Greetings from a ski loving Girl in the Alps.

wowzers...that's a serious tattoo!

they kept her in the fireplace, but never told her she was a fire spirit