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A place in Ireland where every two years on June 10-18 the stars line up with this place. Its called heavens trail.

Pluguffan, Brittany, France

Old Maple tree stands alone / By: Paul Pluskwik

We saw weather very similar to this when we traveled in Texas and New Mexico

Rare view of a red giant exploding

Emerald Green Chrome Diopside Polished Jewelry Stone on Etsy by Fender Minerals - 2, via Flickr.

Rhodochrosite with Plumes ♥ - Cabochon of rhodochrosite, from Argentina, with PLUMES! At one side, this outstanding stone features wavy bands of glowing pink coloration. And the other side has honey-colored gel (calcite), very gemmy & translucent, which contains several beautifully ornate plumes with ghostly fortifications. Separating the two zones is a scalloped band of cream, with fancy little figures that resemble buds.