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Making of the 2014 Football Poster: Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes look and download wallpaper for your desktop, tablet, or smartphone - WVU Athletics

Making of the 2014 Football Poster - WVU Athletics

Coal & Coke: A photo showing a lump of high-quality West Virginia metallurgical coal that is converted to coke in special ovens by heating the coal in the absence of oxygen. The coke in the bottom photo is almost pure carbon and will be used in a blast furnace to produce raw iron and eventually steel.

"More Than Anything Else" by Marie Bradby: about a young Booker T. Washington’s desire to learn to read. The book is set in Malden, WV and illustrator Chris Soentpiet visited Malden when he was creating the illustrations for this book. Mr. Soenpiet will visit the Kanawha County Public Library on April 9, 2014 @ 3:30.

The Fazio Brothers of West Virginia ~ Life Magazine- Italians eager to prove their loyalty to the United States entered the Military to fight for the United States.

Fenton Art Glass - Buzzz Bumble Bee

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Fenton Art Glass - Herd

Fenton Art Glass - Bookworm Boogie

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Fenton Art Glass - Zoom Item: - Category:

Fenton Art Glass - Celebrate West Virginia bead

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Fenton Art Glass -Amazing Grace bead

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Fenton Art Glass - Marshall milk glass bead

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Miner waiting to go to work on the 4 P.M. to midnight shift at the Virginia-Pocahontas Coal Company Mine #4 near Richlands, Virginia. The mines are open around the clock. Two shifts work in digging and bringing out the coal, the other is involved in cleanup operations. The cleanup or hoot-owl shift begins at midnight. U.S. National Archives. Photographer: Jack Corn, taken 1974.

Old Cliff Godfrey.....he lived in Matoaka, West Virginia. Kind old face, a little touched, always had a cigar and a walking stick. Portrait by Shucks studio of Princeton, WV.

Golden Delicious Apple Sign

another engraving of the battle of Romney Bridge

Civil War Engravings of Hampshire County

Steeple in Lost City, West Virginia

The US Corps of Engineers broke a long-standing tradition in naming the Summersville Dam. Tradition holds that the project will be named after the town nearest the site of construction, unless named for a person. However, the town of Summersville was not the one nearest the dam. The village of Gad was literally flooded at the opening of the reservoir. After briefly considering the name "Gad Dam," it was instead decided to name the project after the next nearest town – Summersville.

File:SummersvilleDam.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New crayfish discovered in West Virginia. The common name for a newly discovered crayfish species is the "Tug Valley crayfish," but West Virginians might find more amusing the creature's scientific name -- Cambarus hatfieldi, named for the feuding Hatfield family from that region.

The Charleston Gazette | New crayfish discovered in W.Va.

THE VIRGIN FORESTS OF WEST VIRGINIA. Southern Mountain State forests once contained giant hardwoods—oaks, walnuts and sycamore trees. Due to excessive logging in the 19th century, most of the virgin forests were logged-out and destroyed. — Image from WV and Regional History Collection, WVU Libraries

  • Goob McCoy

    My guess would be they are standing afore a american chestnut.

John F. Nash Jr. (Bluefield, WV) on whose life the movie ' a beautiful mind ' is based on.

John F. Nash Jr. Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story