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Essential Survival Skills and Tools

Pioneering Camp Seat Infographic

Pioneering Camp Seat Infographic -

Finally, this set of boxes designed and built by an engineer (here’s the story), and here’s a set of drawings to build your own.

More Camp Kitchen Permutations -

Creating a Camp Kitchen and Tips for Camp Cooking

Creating a Camp Kitchen » Nature Moms

A homemade shower with pressure. 2 gallon sprayer plus a shower head (or kitchen sprayer) and a fitting. Directions are included here. They put in 1 gallon of tap water and 1/2 gallon of boiling water to get the right temp. They are considering painting it black and putting it outside to make a solar shower. Very clever!

Our Off The Grid Shower

try stick

Dirttime » Mors Kochanski’s Try Stick

Oztent Rv-1 Thirty Second Two Person Tent

dolliBox (Patrol Box, Chuck Box) Wow, this guy gave this an extreme amount of planning AND got it right

Basic Market Stall

Robert Hook — Things Medieval — Market Stalls

FLOOR LASHING: Use ---- to lash a series of poles to a set of stringers to form a flat surface such as a deck, a table top, or a road way.


7 Knots You Should Know How To Tie

7 Knots You Should Know How To Tie

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 32 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 32 Pics

A full loadout for the Pathfinder Advanced Class.

impromptu tarp grip

Impromptu tarp grip | Bushcraft

Emergency stretcher made of duct tape. You know you can do anything with duct tape.

Expedition Kit

Victorinox Swiss Army

nessmuk shelter

The scabbard has on/in it: an 18.5” single shot 12 ga, Ontario Machete, Ontario Knife RAK, Leatherman WAVE (with bit kit), Otis Cleaning Kit, Streamlight ProTac 1AA, compass, first aid kit, lighter, fire starter, earplugs, bug spray. Shell pouch: 4 rounds of slugs, 4 rounds of 00 Buck, 4 rounds of #4 shot, an 8” 22LR chamber adapter, 36 rounds of 22LR, water purification tablets and emergency fishing kit. The dump pouch contains a collapsible water bottle and emergency blanket.

5 Must Have Survival Tools You can Afford on Any Budget | Freedom Prepper

Ken Peek Knapping Flaked Tools Blades and Points Videos