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This is my kind of classroom pet project...a self-contained ecosystem.

What if wild animals ate fast food? [Video]

Oodles of Animal Webcams...All live. Plus free animal observation printables!

Warm and Cold Blooded Animals Foldable. Students draw pictures (underneath the flap) of how each of the animals respond when in warm or cold weather. This foldable has so many possibilities!

Ecosystem in a Bottle... would be a great experiment to do at the start of a habitat unit!

Make An Ecosystem In A Bottle

Change the language, then make this into a poster for my classroom during our ecosystems unit. Love it!! haha

sorting activities, comparing activities, graphic organizers, assessment, poster for the flow of energy in an ecosystem (food webs, food chains, etc..)

Ecosystems - k12flash Games & Presentations for Kids

Here's a packet with vocabulary activities for studying ecosystems.

Vocabulary Activities for Ecosystems