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Looking for an improvement or cover up for your fungus encrusted toenails? These are the perfect solution. And if you don't have athlete's foot, or zombie foot yet, these just might prevent you from getting it in your dorm room

If you don't have anything nice to say, then come sit next to me and we will make fun of people together.

Supernatural.... Well Sam needs to be someone's favorite too! Dean has Cas... So Sam gets... Crowley..... XD

Funny Memes: The Awkward Moment When

Makes me think of my little brothers and nephews :) always on the hunt for wi-fi!

I probably shouldn't of laughed as hard as i did at this lol

Its Friday night... Time to be a hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle.

Tickld Mobile - 32 Things You Learn Growing Up. Number 24 Is So True.

Classic Michael Scott on The Office series finale. ♥ Made me cry so much....for like the 50th time that night


"oh, look. That guy just threw the dead cow to that other guy. Oh. Clobbering time. DOG PILE. Welp. Commercial break. That went well."

Robin 101: Dick Grayson. Always draw with bad guy blood

Best way to start the new year.

I just stared at this for a minute before I got it. ^^ this comment made me laugh more than the picture! haha