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The meaning behind this is beautiful.

muffin top exercises: back fly, twist crunches, ball crunches, incline crunches, reverse crunches, rowing, elliptical, twist-toe touches, leg raises

healthy food

  • Sam Saenz

    Non grass fed meat linked to cancer, diabetes , stroke . So yes less meat is the answer. I'm not a vegetarian but I don't understand why people think they must have meat! Btw non - grassed meat is fed corn which causes inflammation in your entire body which causes cancer etc. when ate people going to wake up and realize this? We are the most obese country!!!! Educate yourselves.

  • Suzanne Mueller

    This is what I have learned about food living in Germany. It is amazing what cooking just enough and using only fresh ingredients make a huge difference in improving your energy and well being.

  • Katie @ Horrific Knits

    the poster is date c. 1918 or 1919- so in the middle of the war effort. so yes, less meat was the answer.

  • Tammy Underwood

    Wheat isn't bad- just don't eat refined wheat products. Meat isn't bad either if you learn what to buy. The key here is to learn what to buy. And buying in bluk isn't the answer

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