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Allegheny College - Meadville PA: During a fraternity ceremony where a fellow would climb the front terrace of Brooks Hall to meet a girlfriend, one young man fell to his death. The girlfriend, terribly distraught, went to her room and in a fit of hysteria jumped out of the window, killing herself. Her spirit supposedly haunts her old room and furniture has been moved around, pictures fall from the walls, the window opens and the current tenants all are driven to request a housing reassignment.

THE CHILDRENS CEMETERY (Crawford County) This small cemetery is home to the remains of 10 children aged 1-12. All the markers are dated August, 1918, leading investigators to believe that they died in the terrible flu pandemic of that year. There are reports of apparitions at the graveyard, including a man with a tall black hat who may be the caretaker. People have felt touchings and heard children's voices giggling.

THE BOUSSON (Meadville, Crawford County) The story goes that the Bousson was owned by a pair of spinster sisters that had been together throughout their lives. Later in life, one of the sisters became engaged to get married. The other, in a jealous fit, killed her sisters paramour. Their spirits are rumored to roam the grounds, along with a large shadowy creature - maybe envy?

Freaky kids... they look like they just got caught doing something

13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham. "William Faulkner, who was known to spin particularly scary fireside stories, described the Deep South in Absalom, Absalom! as “dead since 1865 and peopled with garrulous outraged baffled ghosts.” No one knew that better than Kathryn Tucker Windham, an Alabama folklorist who spent much of her life collecting and patiently preserving Southern superstitions, recipes, and, most of all, ghost stories."

The building is said to have only one ghost, quite a famous one as well. She is known only as the lady in gray. Many psychics and mediums have visited the building to try and discover her identity but all have been unsuccessful.

This well known photo—and perhaps one of the oldest examples of a bonifide spirit photo—was taken in the Combermere Abbey Library in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The exposure length was approximately one hour, and the figure of a man appears to be sitting in the armchair located in the foreground (it’s difficult to make out, but a head and arm can just be made out sitting in the chair). At the time this photograph was being taken, Lord Combermere (a top British cavalry commander) was being buried four

Thailand artist Kittiwat Unarrom has opened a bread shop where he creates uniquely shaped loaves of bread that are shaped like human body parts

This amazing photo was taken by a nurse in an ICU room at a Colorado hospital. She was testing her flash in the room with the lights off. This is the magnified version of the photo.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, renowned for creating the deductive reasoning Sherlock Holmes, became a proponent of Spiritualism in his later years. He held a séance session with Houdini that caused a rift between the two friends. In 1920, he defended the reality of fairies with all evidence he could gather in The Cottingley fairies affair. His evidence and arguments sound surprisingly similar in every respect to those of present-day books touting the idea that alien beings visit us in UFOs.

Not sure what this is. Taken on Essex St in Salem, Mass right after the manager of the Lyceum Grill let us poke around the place with our recorders & cameras. Didn't catch anything there but on the walk back we got this unexpected pic.

New Richmond, PA - The tall, strapping figure of abolitionist, John Brown has been reportedly seen here, standing over the graves where his first wife and his infant son died. There's also the spirit of a black man seen at dusk and dawn, perhaps one of the escaped slaves. Voices have been heard, and there's a cemetery on the property that may be the final resting spot for the bodies of slaves, workers, family, even soldiers.