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GPSC Student Showcase

Posters from the Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC) Student Showcase – an annual homecoming exhibition at the University of Arizona showcasing graduate and undergraduate student research! Go Wildcats!

25 Pins

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Noninvasive Genetics - A Powerful Tool for Wildlife Management

  • UA Campus Repository

    UA Student Showcase 2012: 1st place in Graduate Division, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

20th Annual Student Showcase Program (2012)

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Epigenetic loss of SLIT2 leads to an autocrine-to-paracrine switch of the SLIT2/ROBO1 signaling axis in pancreatic cancer

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Modeling of nucleation rate of supersaturated calcium sulfate solutions

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Modeling Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water Treatment

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Biopolymer Stabilization for Mine Tailings Dust Control

GPSC Student Showcase 2012: Assessment of the Unemployment Season in the Yuma County Seasonal Farm Worker Community

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Theater as Ceremony: Healing the Wound of Historical Trauma

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Tattoo and Body Painting Designs Reflected in Women's Beaded Collars Among Lower Colorado River Yuman Societies

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Stage of invasion: How do sensitive seedlings respond to buffelgrass?

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Renegotiating the Interface Between the Built and Natural Environments

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Queer-Ability: History, Culture, and the Future of the Intersection of LGBTQ and Disability Studies

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Plant fiber reinforced geopolymer - A green and high performance cementitious material

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: More than a Classroom: Learners Voices - How should Iskashitaa use our ESL Classes as a Space to Increase Self-Sufficiency, Language Acquisition and as a Bridge to the Community for our Adult Refugee Students?

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Modeling the Effect of Shocks and Stresses on the Reliability of Networks with Radial Topologies

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Finding Family Health Solutions within the Bhutanese Refugee Community

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Exploring Holistic Approaches to the Characterization of Particles in the Environment

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Evaluating Educational Programs for the Children of Seasonal Labor Migrants in India

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Deposition of CuInS₂ Absorber Layer for a Prototype Solar Cell

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Database Forensics in the Service of Information Accountability

  • UA Campus Repository

    UA Student Showcase 2011 1st Place Graduate Division of Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Conserve to Enhance: An Innovative Mechanism for Environmental Benefits

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Characterization of a Gene that Responds to Mitochondrial Retrograde Regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Building Digital Cultural Heritage Collections in Arizona

GPSC Student Showcase 2011: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Decomposition in the Desert

19th Annual Student Showcase Program (2011)