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Dare to Explore

Ninety years ago, America's first study abroad program was launched at the University of Delaware. Since then, Blue Hens have traveled to every corner of the globe...even Antarctica!

116 Pins

Dare to Explore

  • 116 Pins

Engineering dean Babatunde Ogunnaike takes a break from delivering lectures in China to enjoy the scenery with Professor Fei Liu (Dean of Institute of Automation) at a restaurant in Wuxi.

UD students got themselves into all sorts of unique and beautiful situations while in South Africa, like carrying a baby on their back!

UD students might or might not have found love on Pont des Arts footbridge in Paris, France but it sure looks like they found friendship and sisterhood.

Pont des Arts - Monnaie - Paris, Île-de-France

UD students tried something new and participated in the unique sports of Curling in New Zealand!

A UD student poses in front of a spectacular view in Trinidad And Tobago!

Trinidad And Tobago

Breathe taking views of the New Zealand coast lines. Whose ready to go there in Winter 2015 now?

WOMS students visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and boy was that view stunning and slightly chilly.

Paris - Île-de-France

Students tried to embrace the culture and have fun in the process in South Africa!

Granada students hiked the Beas de Granada in Granada, Spain! The view was absolutely beautiful and absolutely worth the hike up!

Granada - Granada, Andalucía

Students visited Vietnam and Laos over Winter 2014 when the weather was nice and the sun was shining.

Known for its stunning architecture and beautiful scenery, UD Students visit Dresden, Germany.

Dresden - Sachsen

Junior Emily Nelson at the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin - Berlin

These UD ladies are having fun at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Roma - Roma, Lazio

UD students pose in Shanghai, China, Winter 2014!

上海 | Shanghai - 上海

Some UD students at Tunnel Beach in New Zealand! They even brought Baby Blue along.

Dunedin - Otago

Here are some UD Nursing students in St. Lucia, Africa with a couple of locals last winter! Notice the blue hens in the picture?

KwaZulu-Natal - KwaZulu-Natal

Blue Hens tackled the Great Wall of China this winter. Where are your travels taking you this summer?

A weekend in Barcelona for students studying abroad last summer.

Don't forget your hard hat if you are going to Costa Rica for the First Year Experience study abroad program.

These ANTH students are ready for whatever adventures await them in Peru.

The South Africa group after a sunset cruise on the cape.

Linguistics students studying abroad in Italy this past Winter.

The FLLT in Panama group finds time to pose for a picture during "a ridiculously busy" few days.

The FLLT group at the Atacama Desert in Chilli.

Students learn how steel drums are made in Tobago.

Students in the ENWC Cambodia/Vietnam group have been spending time at a non-profit called Free the Bears. Global Study Ambassador Kerry tweeted a picture after meeting this little guy.

ENGL study abroad in New Zealand.

First Year Experience students had an exciting adventure this Winter in Costa Rica.

Students abroad standing in front of Olympic Park in Beijing this Winter.

During the 2014 winter session, 20 students majoring and minoring in nutrition had a cultural immersion in Hawaii to learn about the relationships between diet and health.

Students hiking while studying abroad in Austria.

Women's Studies group in Versailles.

First year experience students mural painting in Costa Rica.

Students diving in the Cayman Reef this Winter.

Nursing students abroad in Australia this winter learn about Royal Flying Doctors a transportation service for patients.

SOCI students in London this winter are enjoying tea time, Big Ben, red phone booths, and british accents.

The FLLT group on the top of the world in Santiago, Chile.

The CRJU/SOCI group "suited up" to visit the Communication University of China.

This student expanded her global perspective by traveling to Barbados to study abroad.

Students traveling abroad to Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

After a trip to the Byzantine Museum, the Athens FLLT group "took a well needed break to have some yummy crepes!"

A glowing sunset greets Plastino Scholar Ian Guthoff during his adventure across America's national parks. Discover more about the Plastino Scholars Program on Nov. 6 in 318 Gore Hall.

Have your voice heard! That's what Plastino Scholars Katie Yoder and Jillian Farquharson did in their documentary film "On the road: Finding the Voices of America." Come to an interest meeting to learn more about the program on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.

According to the MUSC in Trinidad & Tobago Global Study Ambassadors, "It's always a good time to dance in Tobago!"

This was the picturesque view from Plastino Scholar Allison Solowsky's houseboat during her trip to Guyana! The first 2014 Plastino Scholars interest meeting is Oct. 29.

A treat from "one of the best gelato shops in Greece!"

Capetown, South Africa. "No other place like this in the world," said Plastino Scholar Alexandra Davis. The first 2014 Plastino Scholars Program interest meeting is just two weeks away.

UD College of Arts & Sciences: David A. Plastino Scholars

Plastino Scholar Marcela Omans navigated through the tiny streets of downtown Bogota during a summer she'll never forget. 2014 Plastino Scholars interest meetings are Oct. 29 and Nov.6.

UD's Plastino Scholars have accomplished an incredible amount! Come to the first interest meeting on Oct. 29 to learn more.

Plastino Scholar Allison Solowsky took in amazing sights at the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. The first 2014 Plastino Scholars Program interest meeting is Oct. 29.

A farewell dinner for the FLLT in Germany group. "One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you, everyone that made it possible.

"We took a day trip to Asa Wright Nature Reserve where we went on a hike in the rain forest learning all about the surrounding habitat. We ended with a refreshing swim under a waterfall!"--MUSC in Trinidad & Tobago

"We felt victorious after climbing this steep mountain in Sen Monorom, Cambodia! #UDabroad"--@Kerry Phillips

"Not even the cold weather could deter us from going to a church service in Bach’s church!"--Global Study Ambassador Alexis, FLLT program in Germany

The ENGL in Australia group "taking in the sights at Admirals Arch on Kangaroo Island."

Andrew, a student in the FLLT in Granada group, takes part in the culture of Sevilla.

UD hosts students from the Middle East and North Africa as part of their six week Middle East Partnership Initiative

Applied Anthropology students learn how to make crafts from local artisans in Peru.

Blue Hens Amanda, Gina and Zara sip on fresh coconut water during the semi-final rounds of a steel band competition in Tobago!

Students in the FLLT in Costa Rica program show off their hand painted oxcart wheels.

The ENWC in Costa Rica group display the UD and Costa Rican flags with pride

It's a pizza party for the FLLT students in Athens! After cooking with a wood-fired oven, they look pretty excited to taste their creations.

Sunset over the Caribbean sea on an evening boat ride in Tobago

ART in Paris students outside of a cemetery in the foggy French countryside

Students in the American West program take in the views on a Navajo reservation in Utah

Members of the FLLT group in Athens sit by a warm lake in the sun.

"Gasmasks and hardhats on at the only active volcano in New Zealand #UDabroad"--@emilylieb

La Plaza de España, Sevilla, España by FLLT Global Study Ambassador Nina

ART in Paris students Kristene, Lex, Kelly and Molly in a French vineyard

A rainbow over Costa Rica by Global Study Ambassador Amelia

A Blue Hen and a toucan in Costa Rica

The waterways of Venezia, as seen by the MSEG/PHIL Global Study Ambassadors in Italy

Members of the BUAD/FINC group--in matching jumpsuits--prepare to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

Blue Hens catch some rays while penguins prefer the shade in South Africa

The EAS/FLLT in China group on the city wall of Xi'an

A serenade on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago for this MUSC program Blue Hen abroad.

Sea turtles at sunset--The ENWC students in Costa Rica witnessed a rare event on Friday: "We set out in search of baby sea turtles hatching and found over 800 females coming onto the beach to lay their eggs. This event only occurs 3 days in a month for only a few months and we were so thrilled to have seen it!"

"Just have fun and play from the heart, because that’s what it’s all about."--The Trinidad and Tobago MUSC students start each day with a steel drum lesson.

Here's hoping your morning is as enjoyable as it is here in Genova, courtesy of the MSEG/PHIL Global Study Ambassadors in Italy

@neenskiis: UD Study Abroad Granada 2013 goes to Sierra Nevada! #UDAbroad

Rooftops in Guyana

The beautiful back porch of the Cheddi Jagan Research Center in Guyana

The Journey of a Lifetime

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana by Plastino Scholar Allison

Plastino Scholar Dan is working towards creating sustainable food models in Minnesota

Plastino Scholar Marcela is spending summer 2013 working in the same Columbian adoption institute she was adopted from

Zebras in Tanzania, by Carly Burrus

Spanish/Service Learning in Panama, Winter 2012

Dominica, Winter 2012

Portuguese Sunset

Town of Capileira, Spain

April Showers... | Institute for Global Studies Blog

Snowy streets of London

A London winter wonderland

Is Nessie out there?

Scottish Highlands, Ireland Scotland England Wal, Travel Scotland

View from the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

A European food market.

Spring Break | Institute for Global Studies Blog

One of the many stops on a trip from Spain to France.

Student Caitlin Baker in Valencia, Spain.

Granada, Spain by Caitlin Baker.

Student Kristen Dempsey stands on the Greenwhich Meridian.