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Crop Circles

Crop Circles, Ice Circles, Dirt Circles, Mud and Snow Circles! Whatever your cereology passion is we've got some more info on the possible natural explanations, UFO or alien involvement and of course the human made versions.

Netherlands crop circles July 2013 - Stadskanaal and Standdaarbuiten

Most Amazing Crop Circles Latest 2013 - YouTube

new crop circles 2013 - Google Search

Crop Circles : A Mystery in the Fields by Andrew Johnson - Psychedelic

Here are a sample of crop circles from 1991 to 2001.

Crop Circles. Through the last decade and into the 2000s many crop circles now have a high probability of being created by human 'artists' with neutral intentions. Those dating from the early 1990s and prior have a higher likely hood of being of simpler design and potentially better chances of being created by a yet to be identified source. Author and UFOlogist Noah Voss

Crop Circles in-OVation