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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is arguably one of the most fun moving supplies around. This board shows just how creative people can get with this packing product. Our Envirobubble® bubble wrap is efficient, economical and versatile for all of your packing needs, but there are also many unique things you can do with bubble wrap. Pin your photos with @Uhaul to share your new ideas using bubble wrap!

Get some bubble wrap before shipping out your precious cargo! #tips

Need a little gift wrapping inspiration? Stamp with #bubblewrap!

Taping #bubblewrap down before painting will keep your paint tray from sliding around.

Bingo + Bubble Wrap = Roadtrip Bubble Wrap Bingo! #Reuse that bubble wrap you used for #moving.

Another use for #bubblewrap: DIY Bubble Wrap Print Tablecloth

#Movingday? Got #kids? Here's a #fun way to burn some calories after unpacking!

Here's another use for #bubblewrap outside of #packing!

Upcycled #jewelry - Make a #BubbleWrap necklace by #ironing old bubble wrap together!

A handy time-killer....#BubbleWrap!

It's time to pop some #bubble wrap!

Can you believe this painting was made using #bubblewrap? It's incredible!

Time to "lace up" the #bubblewrap boots for your kid and place #paint on the bottom of them so they can create a painting by stomping and walking on paper. #DIY #Fun #Crafts

Here are 5 ways to recycle #bubblewrap! Have you tried any of these ideas?

Can you believe this necklace was made out of #bubblewrap? Have you tried it? It's a great idea!

Tip - Use Bubble Wrap "Skirts" to make flowers float.

Well that's one way to relieve a little stress! | The Bubble Wrap Bike

Take some moving boxes and make a couch, then add bubble wrap for comfort!

A bubble wrap bike. Would you ride it?

Bubble wrap hopscotch!

A street wrapped in bubble wrap. Would you play in the playground?

A suit made for work and play!

Is it a bubble wrap dress, or not? You'll have to look closely.