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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is arguably one of the most fun moving supplies around. This board shows just how creative people can get with this packing product. Our Envirobubble® bubble wrap is efficient, economical and versatile for all of your packing needs, but there are also many unique things you can do with bubble wrap. Pin your photos with @Uhaul to share your new ideas using bubble wrap!

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn. Paint long ovals of bubble wrap on the back with the base color. When dry, flip over the corn cobs, and use q-tips to paint the individual niblets random colors. Mount onto cardstock backings, tie on some raffia, and you have a cute little decoration. #bubblewrap

How fun is this for #Thanksgiving?! Cover half of a paper towel roll with #BubbleWrap and paint the bubbles like Indian corn! Wrap with paper bags. #craft

Take some moving boxes and make a couch, then add bubble wrap for comfort!