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Attlee's Britain 1945-1951

Take a look at our Pinterest board, Attlee’s Britain, a snapshot of post-war Britain. This is a great introduction to our new online resource 'Attlee’s Britain: Planning for the future?'

Lessons | Education | Topics | The Road to Partition Catalogue reference PREM 8/584

Education | Education | Topics | The Road to Partition

NHS glasses

Opera Opera Opticians Limited - John Lennon Glasses

The Empire Windrush: Jamaica Sails Into British History

The Empire Windrush: Jamaica Sails Into British History

Trailer advertising the National Health Service in the 1940s: www.britishpathe....

Leaflet For The New National Health Service - Scottish Version

Children and Young People From warfare to welfare 1939-1959

Clement Attlee

PE Class at Milton Board School, 1903. Pre-dating Attlee's welfare state Catalogue reference: COPY 1/160

Guy's Hospital London 1897 (before the NHS) Catalogue reference: COPY 1/428

City of Wakefield NHS Guide book cover, 1948 - 1957 Catalogue reference: MH 134/6

The British Scene: Community centre by A.H Hall 1939-1946 Catalogue reference: INF 3/1741

The 100,000th temporary house in Britain! January 1947

The British Scene: London railway terminus by Grace Golden 1939-1946 Catalogue reference: INF 3/1740

Extract from the diary of Guy Liddell, Deputy Director General of the Security Service September 1946 - March 1947 Catalogue reference: KV 4/468

Photograph of a British Iron and Steel Federation House 1946 Catalogue reference: T 161/1367

Extract from a transcript for an interview with RAB Butler and Richard Montague Smith, a reporter from The Daily Mail 14 November 1944 Catalogue reference: ED 121/202

A snoek! The Illustrated Catalogue of the Fisheries of South Australia, from the Freshwater and Marine Image Bank 1921

Report on the use of snoek, a South African tinned fish tested in the Ministry of Food's canned fish division February 1948 Catalogue reference: MAF 256/88

Construction of temporary housing, July 1947

Letter to Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health from G.A Issacs at the Board of Trade 19 March 1946 Catalogue reference: T 161/1367

A prefab(ricated) house built in 1945 under the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Act.