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now i can use my left over wool from knitting projects!

What is sexy? Well spoken from a young woman.

This was not so very long ago, this case, this love story. Heartbreaking, but inspiring.

Finished this book this weekend. Met the author at the GWConference a few weekends ago. Her prose and style is short, succinct. Every sentence is a suitcase and every word is picked very carefully. This story is a fictional one but based on her mother and the true experience of her mother's will and last wishes. Lovely read.

Really amazing read. 1/2 through it....

love this track

sasi -smit

now this is a beautiful tattoo

sometimes it is just that simple.....

I dearly love my friend Rebecca Green, and her artwork. Her work captures the tone and sentiment of things that are so hard to express sometimes. One day my walls will be full of her pictures....until then, I will remain inspired and in awe via her website.

what an open heart sounds like....

love love love

Jenni Kayne, love this.

Lock me in this room for a whole day and leave me to write.

Last night at dinner the conversation was centered around music and this greats name came up....lovely article and inspiration.

exactly what i'm doing now :)