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Creative stuff we've seen.

Brilliant search engine advertising from Volkswagen: 'Like a boss'

Indoor Skate park turns a puddle into an advert about staying dry

What happens when a cold storage building is defrosted after 90 years. Time Lapse from Interior Camera.

Clever. New packaging for Bombay Sapphire lights up. [Click the link to see the gif working]

Like. Keyboard with mini screen so you don't have to look up while typing. Surely, one day all keyboards will have this?

Brilliantly clever campaign by Hellmann's in Brazil: they partnered with a supermarket chain to install software in cash registers at 100 stores. When customers purchased Hellmann’s mayo, the software automatically looked at the other ingredients in their cart and compiled a recipe that used them. The recipe, complete with preparation instructions, was then printed on the customer’s receipt.

Creative. House Beautiful launching first 'Pinterest-enabled print magazine' allowing readers to scan the first page of the “Kitchen of the Month” feature with a smartphone app to connect to a Pinterest pinboard.

At last! A good use of QR codes: Hidden pint-glass QR code is only visible when filled with Guinness.

Creative marriage proposal: message written in the sky. "A guy proposed to his gf with style today in Central Park the whole park was cheering"

Anatomy of a good idea: What does it take to come up with a creative idea?

Mr Whippy-tastic: Japanese brewery Kirin have come up with a solution to the beer-drinkers summer problem of a warm brew: a drink which is served with a frozen foam head, served from an ice cream-style vending machine.

Drawing Water is a constructed landscape shaped by the relationship between where water falls and where it is consumed within the United States. It builds images to expose the reality that water is channeled, pumped, and siphoned to locations far from where it falls

Drawing Water | David Wicks