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Inspiring People, Issues and Actions

People, issues and actions that move, inspire and motivate me. Sharing is caring!

This artwork is totally awesome and amazing."Whether it’s a park filled with larger than life animals or even graffiti that makes us think about nature, art has a wonderful way of shaking up our everyday lives. The chalk art done by David Zinn is no exception. "

Balian Buschbaum was born in 1980 as Yvonne Buschbaum, and he is a former German pole vaulter. Though he was the second best female pole vaulter in Germany, in 2007 Buschbaum announced his retirement due to a persistent injury. He also expressed his desire to begin gender reassignment therapy. In 2008 he officially changed his name and underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a man.

I’m Not A Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) was begun in Venezuela on January 23, 2013 by writer, illustrator, and activist Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) It became the first Venezuelan viral campaign that through art raised awareness of the prejudice and violent acts performed against the LGBTI community around the world.

George Takei responds to traditional marriage fans

George Takei responds to "traditional" marriage fans

This awesome priest is letting everyone know that Christianity and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive! Found on Teabonics Facebook page.

The Photo That Every Homophobic Christian Uncle Needs To See

Magda Trocmé (here with her husband, a Protestant pastor) was actively involved in creating and maintaining a haven for the persecuted Jews in Le Chambon, France. She located families willing to accommodate Jewish refugees and prepared the town’s many residential schools for increased enrollment.

A true hero…

A true hero... - The Meta Picture

Can you imagine something like this in the U.S.?

Electric Cars (CoolElectricCar) on Twitter

What a Retired 63 year old ex school teacher is doing for 1500 of China's threatened dogs and cats. What a wonderful person!

Man Cuts a Hole in his Truck to Save Kitten

Man Cuts a Hole in his Truck to Save Kitten

Teach your child to love nature.

In 2004, 84-year-old Kenyan KIMANI NGA MARUGE became the oldest primary school pupil in the world. He said that the government's announcement of universal and free elementary education in 2003 prompted him to enroll. A year later, he was elected head boy of his school. In September 2005, Maruge boarded a plane for the first time in his life, and headed to New York City to address the UN Millennium Development Summit on the importance of free primary education.

Priceless... President Barack Obama...

This is amazing. We can, everyone of us, change the world if we care.

This is amazing. We can, everyone of us, change the world if we care.

This is amazing. We can, everyone of us, change the world if we care.

It's refreshing to hear a Republican who supports reproductive rights