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Semi-homemade preschool style calendar area, including homemade word cards that feature AAC symbols.

Simple step-by-step tutorial for how to load and save videos on an iPad.

Visual chart that can be tailored to address behavioral issues (ours was feeding stubbornness). Created by our SLP!

Just a master list of the ways that we communicate with our nonverbal child.

Uncommon Sense: How we talk with our (mostly) nonverbal girl

The Word Book. A picture card solution that supported Maya's vocabulary (which was limited by picture boards). This was an ideal solution while we were searching for the perfect app/device.

A simple DIY PEC modification for small hands that can't manage flat PECs.

Letter ring, created when we were going through a letter obsession.

The alphabet hallway, (very) semi-homemade

Our second attempt at household labels, soon to be replaced with our new symbol language and phrases instead of nouns.

How we made a magnetic chalkboard wall