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Kimberly's Cup: Anne of Green Gables Tea Party Lavender Shortbread/Poppyseed Shortbread Recipe

Kimberly's Cup: Anne of Green Gables Tea Party


Queen Mary Tea. A reviewer named Mark said: "Surprisingly close to the marvelous old Twinings Queen Mary tea from over 30 years ago (of which I have a few cans stored carefully). We did a comparison and this tea stood up really well. A steal at this price. The old Twinings (long since gone) is one of the great classic teas, one of my favorites. This is amazingly close in flavor and everything else. I would drink it any time. (4 is a high rating for me!)"

Trudeau Silicone Tea Infuser & Cup Lid Set (I think metal infusers leave some taste behind)

tea spoon from sycamorehill.

also given to me as a little gifty today by my friend @Claudia Miller. So nice to have something new and pretty, just for my own tea ritual.

my friend @Claudia Miller gave this to me today, and it makes such a treat! I warmed the milk (just a couple tablespoons) first, and frothed it in my mug. Then I brewed my tea in another container and added it to the milk. Yum! Not everyone wants frothy milk in tea, but if you drink coffee, or if you want to try tea with frothy milk ... this is a fantastic thing to have around. :)