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Tiny and beautiful golden tortoise beetle (5 pics) |

Painted grasshopper, India. What colors!

I want to know if anyone has one and if it's worth $185..

  • DeAnna Cochran

    Worth every penny. Got mine for my birthday in December. You don't have to use their cleanser but recommend a foaming type. Replace the brush every 90 days. My fav is that it can be used in the shower and waterproof.

  • DeAnna Cochran

    p.s. I did buy the lower end one with just one speed and like it just fine.

  • Lydia Fiedler

    My dermatologist swears by it and she looks great, so I'm tempted!! LOL Thank you SO much for the feedback!!

  • Catered Crop

    My daughter has it and loves it. Expect breakouts in the beginning but then it's magic.

  • Stacey Harrell

    Yes! My daughter interned with a dermatologist and after seeing the results on patients had to have one. That was a while ago and she still swears by it. Her recent blog post mentions it and other beauty tips:

Long exposure photos of golden fireflies in Japan.

Absolutely incredible collection of storm photography.

Astronomers have created a super high resolution topographic map of the moon.

I wanna try. Mt. Dew + baking soda + peroxide & it glows? For realz?