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I Have A Passion 4 Fashion

113 Pins

Omg!!! I may have to have this coat for this winter...

A pretty sweater!

I would probably murder a child under the age of 3 for a bag like this. I needz it for school in Jan!!! #ModCloth

I want this dress in a size sx to wear ON Christmas so BAD!!! I will come to your family dinner & spread the holiday love & joy in this bitch right here, yo. #ModCloth

I think I found the dress I'm gonna wear to my family's holiday stuff this year!!!

I may have just found my winter coat for this year!!! Does anyone need any size medium coats? I have some to trade! #ModCloth

I would be at my best in this dress!

Should I get this shirt to wear to #MovementInDetroit? I only wish it came in another color combo.

This is the best jacket ever. If I don't get this I will totally die. #ModCloth

Oh em geeeee! I ♥ these boots!!! I've never had a pair of Docs. :( #ModCloth

Drum Solo Boot | Mod Retro Vintage Boots |

If I still taught dance to little children I'd have to have this leotard! #ModCloth

I'd be so flipping cute in this one piece! #ModCloth

I want to wear this dress! I might just start wearing dresses all the time? #ModCloth

GASP! This is strikingly beautiful! #ModCloth

This is amazing!!! #ModCloth

Muscles Leggings. I'm buying these when I hit 135lbs!

Oh now THAT is fancy.

58% off!?!?! I really don't need anymore jackets but WOW! The Denim Sherpa by UNIF.

Shop Women -

I like this outfit & all (mainly the shirt) but why does this girl have red eyebrows & black hair? I'm confused?

This jacket is Jesus.

I ♥ this bathing suit! But jeeze, $233.99!?!?! Wtf.

I really enjoy this jacket.

My life just won't be complete without this sweatshirt. I'm serious.

This dress knows me by name & wants me to own her.

Me. Minus the "classy".