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Dinosaur & Fossils | Une fille comme ça

Everybody loves Dinosaurs.

Prognathodon an extinct genus of marine reptile. Recently found in Alberta Canada.

150-Million-Year-Old Pliosaur Had Arthritic Jaw: Dr. Judyth Sassoon of the University of Bristol, U.K., with the lower jaw of the Westbury pliosaur.

The creature, named Darwinius masillae by the paper’s authors, lived an estimated 47 million years ago and is the first example of a previously unknown genus of primate. Thanks to @Monica Bianchi

Darwinius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The world's oldest fossil of a salamander has been discovered. Six fossils of 157 million year old salamanders were found embedded in volcanic ash in an ancient lake bed in western Liaoning Province, China. Photo: Mick Ellison, American Museum of Natural History/Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Posted on March 25, 2012

The discovery of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, nicknamed Otto by paleontologists in Bavaria, is being hailed as a sensation in Germany where the government has already ruled it cannot leave the country. Hair and traces of skin have also been found on the skeleton.

Theropod dinosaur skeleton found intact in Germany | Mail Online

mongoliensis by ~Gonzalezaurus on deviantART

mongoliensis by Gonzalezaurus on deviantART