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Eating Concerns Mentors

The Eating Concerns Mentors are available for UNH students who are struggling with an eating concern or body image difficulties. Mentors may also assist you if you are concerned about someone else. Learn more at Join the conversation and social movement using the hashtag #UNHECM

We are looking for UNH students to join our Eating Concerns Mentors program. Apply online! University of New Hampshire; College Health

Eating Concerns Mentors are available to all UNH students.

Eating Disorders don't just affect young women - they occur in children, men, older adults, and people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and races.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, at least one million males in the United States are battling anorexia or bulimia. Yet due to the shame that often comes with male eating disorders, experts say the statistics are skewed, and many more young men are left unaccounted for.

Eating Concerns Awareness Week returns to UNH starting February 24th. Brought to you by the Eating Concerns Mentors.

ALL WEEK - LOVE the JEANS You're IN! DID YOU KNOW? 40% of women purchase clothes that were too small in hopes that they would one day be able to wear them after losing weight. Love the Jeans You're In All week, visit the Whittemore Center lobby to view a display of "thinspiration" jeans donated and decorated by UNH students in an effort to overcome body image difficulties created by a culture that emphasizes the thin ideal. LOVE the JEANS Your'e In!

Lawrence speaks strongly and specifically about how young girls learn to use fat-shaming to humiliate one another. Given that so many of her messages have gone viral, she could make real inroads when it comes to weight stigma and the standard of beauty.