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African Quilts

headpiece quilt African Quilt Show Artist???

London International Quilt Festival

My Lady of West Africa by Shirley M. Holmes

African Mask 2 by Rajwinder Kaur. 2013 London International Quilt Show, Out of Africa Exhibit, posted at Flare Fabrics

Out of Africa, London International Quilt Show-097

Out of Africa - 70" x 80", by Jan Krentz (2002)

Quilt by Jan P. Krentz

Africa | Asante Wrapper. Ghana | mid to late 19th century | Imported cotton cloth and black pigment | Historically Asante royalty wore adinkra, large wrappers with stamped patterns, only during periods of mourning. Though still worn in times of grief, adinkra cloths recently have become increasingly fashionable at social festivities and nonfunerary functions.

Bisa Butler - lovely art quilt and fantastic border!

Welcome to Bisa Butler's Art World

Collage Quilt - Carole Gary Staples