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Uplift Studios

Uplift Studios

Uplift Studios : Top NYC Women's Fitness & Lifestyle Studio! We combine intense workouts with a fun/social element. Join us for Workout & Wine or another class

Amazing foam roller assisted stretch!

Low Lunge with a Twist: Keep your right knee in-line with your toes. Inhale and plant your left hand. Exhale as you unravel your right fingertips, opening up your back and chest. Look towards your fingertips and take a deep breath!

This stretch will feel AMAZING after all those pushups! Grab a partner after class and try it out!

Lower Back Spinal Twist: "Bring your right knee in towards your chest and extend your left leg long in front of you, crossing your right knee over your midline. Extend your right arm, keeping your shoulder blade on the mat and turn your gaze towards your right fingertips. Inhale and exhale as you sink deeper into the twist. Hold for four deep breaths and switch to the other side." -Madeline

If this is your first downward dog of the day, its best to fidget, pedal out your feet, dance a little, etc. Check in with your body and get Uplifted!

Great for sculpting legs and boosting that booty! Squeeze glutes at the top and keep your abs engaged through the entire movement. It rips up your core if you use it to keep yourself stable which makes it an awesome full body exercise!

Stand with gliders under both feet. Lunge back sinking the back knee to the ground; on your way down do a bicep curl. Rotate the back knee open to a wide leg squat. While pressing your knees back from your rotators, keep your shoulders over your hips and add a shoulder press. Recover the arms and spiral to the opposite leg dropping the back knee to the ground. STAY LOW! Press into the heel of the front leg and rise sliding feet together and arms down. Do 10-12 repetitions alternating sides.

Keep abs engaged to prevent hips from rocking side to side as you row each elbow to the ceiling. For the push up, shoot your hips up to the ceiling and bend elbows out to the side to make sure the work is in the Trapezius (upper back), not the arms or chest.

Set up against a wall or mirror on a mat with your feet hip distance apart, flat on the surface of the wall. Place the block between the legs a few inches clear of the knees. Keep an active holding squeeze on the block as you tuck the pelvis a few inches up then release back to the starting position. For added intensity- lift one leg straight to the ceiling and roll to the ball of the other foot each time you tuck.

Start on all fours and place a weight behind the knee of one leg. Press away at the floor with your hands and free leg to lift into a bear plank. Hold your core tight and press your weighted leg towards the ceiling keeping your foot flexed and squeeze your glutes! This exercise works your core, glutes and arms.

Stand with legs and feet parallel, hip distance apart, band around your calves. Squat, then as you are straightening, press the right leg out to the side, keeping it straight and parallel. Squat, repeat on the left leg. Squat, press your right leg to the back, keeping it super straight, squeezing the glutes and flexing the heel to engage the hamstrings. Squat, repeat left leg. Two sumo jumping jacks- done in a squat position, jumping the legs wide, then closing almost all the way together.

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and kettle bell on the ground in front of you. Squat down and reach for the kettle bell with both hand. Lift the kettle bell as you come to standing for an upright row. Lower the kettlebell to the ground as you squat down again. Leaving the kettle bell on the ground, jump into the air bringing your hands overhead then lowering back into a squat. Alternate between the two for 10 reps per set. Complete 2-3 reps per session.

Start in a forearm plank with a block between your inner thighs. Squeeze the block. Then do a walking plank by placing your right hand under your shoulder on the ground then left hand then go back to your forearm. Do this 3 times each leading with both hands. Then stay in a forearm plank dipping your hips to the right then to the left. Do that five times each way.

Set up in a side forearm plank with a 5-10 lb weight(optional) in your top hand. Slowly twist top hand down and through the space between your side and the floor then back up to the ceiling. Dip hip down to floor and press back up, then lift top leg. Repeat 8-10 times then switch sides.

Place tops of feet on the yoga ball and press body into plank position. While keeping the latissimus dorsi down the back pull the lower abdominals up and in while bending the knees into your chest. (TUCK) Then extend your legs and return to plank. Keeping your muscles engaged lift your booty while creating flexion at your shoulders and look through your arms (PIKE). Then return to plank. That's one set. Repeat for 6 sets.

Lunge on your right side extending through your left hip flexor and punch with your left arm from your back. Kick your right leg to the side, rotating your toe inward while punching your right arm. Make sure your really rotated inward to work your butt! Squat down with your weight back in your heels, push from your feet, and jump up using your exhale to help you get some air! Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side and continue moving for 30 seconds! Good luck!

Position your upper body in a standard straight plank (on forearms) and your lower body in sideplank with toes pointing left so you are positioned in a "corkscrew" shape. Drop your right hip down and back up ten times; without dropping your knees or breaking the plank, slide your feet so your toes are positioned to the right and drop your left hip down and up ten times. Repeat this mini-circuit as many times as you want!

Use medium to heavy weights. With your feet hip distance apart, perform a push press: quickly curl weights up to shoulders and press overhead. Control weights back down by your sides and deadlift the weights down. Walk or jump your feet back to a steady plank position, and complete a renegade row; switch sides. From there, do a push up. Hop or step your feet forward, feet are at least hip distance apart and butt is low before you lift your chest and stand up!

Start standing with feet hip width apart and abdominals engaged. Perform one jumping jack, and as you bring your feet together, sink the hips back in a low squat, plant the hands shoulder width apart, jack the feet out in a wide V position, keeping the lower abdominals lifted, jump the knees back in towards the chest and come up to standing to repeat.

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