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"I don't understand why women say, 'I'm just a mom'. Remind me again which job on the planet is more important..." -Susan Hallum #mom #quote

‘Just A Mom’ | Birth Without Fear

*cough cough* Sorry. but it's so much more relaxing than my usual tasks.

Kids and their furry friends :)

Definitely just tried this AND IT WORKS!!!!!! My. Life. Is. Changed. You HAVE to listen to the entire message, and go through all of the options. So freaking cool.

Guilty. Did it yesterday...

Love defined by Disney.

Samoyed, a good hypoallergenic dog and they look like little polar bears!

So true... I do this ALL the time. Seriously!


The best movies on netflix. This list will come in handy, cuts down time of all that browsing.

How to figure out what to watch on Netflix. This much have taken hours to put together. Rather impressive.

Nothing has been more true

Toy Story 3 I cried like a baby lol

I know myself so well :)

Very funny...but VERY true

Why your wedding ring goes on the 4th finger. So cool.... And weird! Gave me chills! :)

Anna Kendrick performing an extended version of "Cups." This music video is really creative and cool.

glad im not the only one that wants this

Yep. I think this every time i see this movie