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Huge "water bed" giant sensory bag. Best outside activity ever! A whole day of fun for under $10 ! This was a HUGE hit.

Must do - YEARLY INTERVIEWS 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. What is your mom’s name? 4. What does your mom do during the day? 5. What is your dad’s name? 6. What does your dad do during the day? 7. What is your favorite color? 8. What is your favorite thing to eat? (what don’t you like to eat?) 9. Who are your friends? 10. What is your favorite song? Can you sing it for me? 11. What is your sister’s name? (this is fun because they don’t always say the name correctly- for example...

I made these bags last year for my kiddos to hang on their chairs. They wake up on Valentine's Day and have some love from Dad and Mom. It's a fun tradition. Here's the link and tutorial.

A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Seems like a lot more fun than nagging totally need to remember this when they are older.

Color sorting using toilet paper rolls and popsicle sticks. This website has a TON great preschool learning activities

Instructions to make Christmas ornaments from Legos. Great boy craft! Includes Star Wars ones!

Coloring Eggs - Use Shaving Cream and food coloring (dark colors) - roll in shaving cream let sit, wipe off. Very Cool!

Put magnets on the backs of puzzle pieces. Do puzzles on metal cookie sheets in the car! Or on fridge! Genius!

Starting at age 3, every year on their birthday you ask the same questions and see how their answers change over the years! Add a pic and make a book out of it. 20 questions* : 1. What is your favorite color? 2. What is your favorite toy? 3. What is your favorite fruit? 4. What is your favorite tv show? 5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? 6. What is your favorite outfit? 7. What is your favorite game? 8. What is your favorite snack? 9. What is your favorite an...

I am SO doing this!!! A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Seems like a lot more fun than nagging so doing this when the kids get a year or 2 older!

Borax snowflakes - If you have Borax at home, you SO need to do this with the kids. Do it after dinner, and by breakfast the kids will be amazed at what has happened! We have 8 snowflakes hanging in our window just a-sparkling away!

Write notes back & forth with your child. Leave it on their bed, when they have a chance, they write back and leave it on your bed. How neat would it be to have those notes to look back on?

What?!?! Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them.

ideas to strengthen your relationship with your kids, one week's challenge at a time. --A lot of good ideas

Zoo Passport printables with pictures of animals kids can check off as they go. - Mickey would like this. Maybe for Animal Kingdom at #Disney

Never buy paint (for kids) again!! Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

make your own bouncy balls & other science experiments

Put up a baby gate you're not using anymore sideways on a wall. Throw a sheet over it for an instant fort!!! The kids LOVE it :) (thanks FamilyFun Magazine!!!)

Ricochet and Away!: DIY no dye tie dye. So cool and easy, and many more options (I have a crapload of paint!!!)

Homemade Gak - the cheapest, quickest and easiest project for the kiddos - provides HOURS of entertainment

Felt Christmas tree kids can decorate over and over♦ And maybe leave the real one alone!