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Urmas Rosin Film and Video Sound

Promoting myself as a boom operator and soundguy

I think it's funny

Ha Ha Ha

An old favorite

Yet another mail out

Another post card

A humorous mail out

Another early mail out

one of my first biz cards.the number is no longer valid

No, it's not the Legion Hall but the lunch room at "Nikita". Doug , Jorge and Rob. Main and second unit sound guys

Had a great day working with Michael Lacroix on "Copper"

Rob Woolfson and Tom Hidderley

Working with Rob Woolfson on splinter unit of "Warehouse 13"

My pal Steve Marion

When it's February and cold outside in Toronto...shoot in the science centre "rainforest' and stay nice and warm

Patrick 1 and Patrick 2

Second unit "Nikita" with Henry Embry

Working with my pal Bryan Day in another exotic location

On the set of "Stand By Your Booth"

Booming in the cleanest ,quietest parking garage ever....the cnib

My first nagra iv-s