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And the Doctor was scared...<--Yep. that was the scariest thing.

  • Sarah Armstead

    Every time someone tries to finish my sentences right along with me I think of this episode.... forget jinx, get me out of there!

Rose and her daddy. ♥ *Crying all the tears*

Labor camps. That's what they called them last time. <==To me, this is one of the scariest scenes in all of Doctor Who. There are no Daleks, no Angels, no Whispering-there's just humans. And humans can be the very worst monsters of all.

10 and Rose being super duper adorable (gif) /// AHHH SO CUTE

I *adore* Catherine Tate and David Tennant. They seriously were the best doctor-companion duo.

This was one of those episodes that was so important to the show. Not because it was a major plot device, but because it was an episode that was, for the most part, random yet it hit every viewer right in the heart. Why did no one remember her? Does this episode show what humans are capable of, or does this show a side of the Doctor never witnessed before?

  • Tanesha Ray

    Or an orphan who lives with an aunt and uncle who dislike him a cousin who bullies him and who is forced to live under the stairs

  • Molly Wilhoit

    Or he comes right before the kid is going to commit suicide


  • C.M. C.

    I like this, but I feel like not only would the Doctor not accept pocket-less jackets, she'd be adding trans-dimensional pockets! Haha.

Doctor Who Diaries - Bad Wolf was the Moment Theory: The Moment shushes the War Doctor after 10 tried to figure out why they were all together.