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Singer Castle Tour

Enjoy the history and mystery of the newest castle now open to the public - Singer Castle on Dark Island located 9 miles downriver at Chippewa Bay. The castle was built at the turn of the 19th century by Frederick Bourne, President of the Singer Sewing Company for use as a hunting lodge and remains fully furnished just as it was during its heyday.

Uncle Sam 7 at Singer Castle docks

Singer Castle at sunset

back where he belongs

Oh no, is one escaping?

Sister Island Light-St. Lawrence River

Singer Castle on Dark Island...every time i see it it takes my breath away!

Singer Castle AKA to the natives as Jordstadt Castle

Singer Castle (formerly Jorstadt Castle,) Chippewa Bay, St. Lawrence Thousand Island Seaway, New York Jorstadt Island was designed at the turn of the century by famous Beaux-Arts architect Ernest Flagg as a summer residence and hunting lodge for the president of Singer Sewing Machine Co. and inspired by Sir Walter Scott’s Woodstock Castle.

This is an 11x14 Giclee reproduction of Lynne Reichart's original acrylic painting. Click on the picture for more info.

secret passage-way in singer castle

Singer Castle

Uncle Sam 7 at the dock

Singer Castle Interior

Singr Castle on Dark Island