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Used Forklifts For Sale

Our huge inventory includes: Cushion Tire Used Forklifts, Pneumatic Tire Used Forklifts, Rough Terrain Used Forklifts, Three Wheel Electric Used Forklifts, Sit Down Rider Electric Used Forklifts, Reach Trucks Used Forklifts and more used forklifts.

2004 Raymond 740-DR32TT Double Reach, 3,200 lbs, 141 / 315 TSU, W/36V BATTERY, S/S, DEEP REACH CALL 952-492-3900

2000 #Komatsu FR15DR2A #usedforklifts for Sale - Capacity: 3,000 - Mast: 115 / 258 TSU - W/36V BATTERY, S/S, DEEP REACH #materialhandling

Used Forklifts from Continental Lift Truck. Minnesota

2006 Hyster S30FT #usedforklifts for Sale - Capacity: 3,000 - Year: 2006 - Mast: 83 / 189 TSU - LPG, LEVER, S/S #materialhandling

  • Landon Nation

    Oh yeah if I needed a forklift I would look on Pinterest first, NOT! You're fired.

  • Decker Forklifts

    Brutal, Landon. I suppose we're fired too.

  • Continental Lift Truck Corp.

    @Landon Locan 3 people got their forklifts thanks to Pinterest. This social network (and others as well) drives traffic (leads) or interested people to the main sites... Probably you already know this. The good news are that now you know that you can find forklifts at Pinterest.

  • Continental Lift Truck Corp.

    @Decker Forklifts If we got leads/sales/interested people, we're not fired. I guess we still have our jobs.

  • Decker Forklifts

    Agreed! There are lots of forklifts on Pinterest. We're not as good as we should be about posting often, but it does work. Keep it up :)