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Marine Corps Ball

All things #Marine Corps Ball related - from cakes to images form unit celebrations and everything #MarineCorpsBall in between

How to Have a Good Time and Make the Most of Your Marine Corps Ball. (USMCLife)

How to Make the Most of Your Marine Corps Ball - USMC Life

Idea of what NOT to wear as a date to the Marine Corps ball.

  • Meghan Laliberte

    you guys are the best! I was supposed to go last year with my marine, but he was deployed, so we're making sure we go this year. I'm hoping i'll be able to find something! I've never been to anything formal like this (with the excpetion of prom)

  • Kristen Angel

    I know how you feel, we missed his first 3 Balls over deployments or other training things that had him away. So we finally got to go to a Ball 4 years later haha. I personally couldn't find anything that I liked locally, so I ordered online. I was lucky enough that it fit properly and all that when it arrived.

  • Brittany Adams

    Wait, I'm sorry.... am I supposed to believe that the US Marine Corps has a Pinterest account? XD

  • Meghan Laliberte

    I'm sure it was well worth the wait :) I'll probably be ordering it as well. I'm so picky with style and size. But at least there's still time!

  • Kristen Angel

    haha of course they do Brittany, they've got an official Facebook and everything. All the companies and organizations these days have social media. I bet this one is run by a group of female Marines though lol! And Meghan, I'm very picky too! But yeah don't worry so much about size, just try to get it as close as possible, and you can always have a seamstress tailor it for you. Idk if you live near a base, but if you do there should be seamstresses everywhere lol.

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