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What every Marine needs (care package ideas)

Whether gone for a few nights in the field or off to Afghanistan for a year or more, and everything in-between, one thing is always true - Marines love goodies and supplies from home.

Care package idea with baby.

5 tips to an epic care package.

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"Open when ..." Good idea for deployments.

  • Kristen Angel

    @ Julianne Christensen. Would you mind sharing a little bit more about these? Like, what did some of the other ones say (since we can only see the first one). And inside of them, were they like greeting cards or love letters or something? I'm sorry if I seem nosey, please only share the info if you're comfortable!

  • Julianne Hammon

    @Kristen Angel. Of course! I bought a BUNCH of cards ranging from funny birthday cards, to love cards, to encouragement cards, etc.. Then I wrote a personal note in each. Depending on each card, I wrote when he should open it. I don't remember everything I did, but some were like this: When you are missing me, when you are frustrated, when you are having a bad day, when you need a pick me up, when you need encouragement, when you are close to coming home, when you are missing home, when you need a smile, when you just want to laugh, on your birthday... that's all I can remember at the moment :) I hope this helps!!

  • Kristen Angel

    Yes that helps, thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for sweet things like this to do, but I'm not very creative lol. I will definitely be using your idea in the future! :)

  • Makayla Aylsworth

    Thanks for the idea I might so that for my dad

  • Ashley McDermott

    I absolutely love this!! Great idea :)

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More great care package ideas for deployed service members in any branch! Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines - surviving deployments, this girl has good ideas.

  • Makayla Aylsworth

    I love the idea! :) I have to do this for y dad when he gets deployed again :)!

  • Cheryl Flannagan

    These are great! Thanks for sharing I'm going to steal some of your ideas to send to my son.

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You can use a real picture and cut it down the middle to make this.

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