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Did you know that the USMC earned an Oscar? To be specific, the 2d Marine Division Combat Cameramen who documented the assault on Tarawa were honored with an Oscar for their film, "With the Marines at Tarawa." One of the cameramen, SSgt Hatch was twice decorated, promoted to warrant officer, and went on to help document the assault on Iwo Jima. Semper Fidelis #SemperFi #USMC #Marines #WWII #Tarawa #IwoJima #USMCmuseum #Oscar #ComCam #NormHatch

This Colt M4 carbine was used by Marines in Det 1 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Ordnance Curator intends to display this weapon in the Final Phase. The Final Phase covers 1976-2013 and is set to open to the public in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Semper Fidelis #USMC #USMCmuseum #Marines #Quantico #OIF #Grunts #recon #Colt #M4 #Ordnance

This is a fine set of ornithologically correct Eagle Globe and Anchor collar ornaments c. 1935-37. They belonged to Private Paul M. Estis. Private Estis enlisted in the Marine Corps on 2 January 1935 and served with the 4th Marines in Shanghai, China from 23 March 1935 to 10 July 1936. Semper Fidelis #SemperFi #Marines #USMC #USMCmuseum #ChinaMarine #DressBlues #Quantico

This rare Tiffany Cross variant of the Medal of Honor was earned by Marine First Lieutenant Christian Schilt. Schilt served in WWI, the Banana Wars, WWII, and Korea. His Medal of Honor citation follows: Citation: During the progress of an insurrection at Quilali, Nicaragua, 6, 7, and 8 January 1928, 1st Lt. Schilt, then a member of a marine expedition which had suffered severe losses in killed and wounded, volunteered under almost impossible conditions to evacuate the wounded by air and transport a relief commanding officer to assume charge of a very serious situation. 1st Lt. Schilt bravely undertook this dangerous and important task and, by taking off a total of 10 times in the rough, rolling street of a partially burning village, under hostile infantry fire on each occasion, succeeded in accomplishing his mission, thereby actually saving 3 lives and bringing supplies and aid to others in desperate need. Semper Fidelis #SemperFi #USMC #USMCmuseum #Marines #MedalofHonor #MOH #NavalAviator #Pilot #WWI #WWII #Korea #veteran #hero

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land millions worked their holiday plans. Free to worship, purchase or travel, they did as they pleased. But speckled near and far were little banners with blue or gold stars, signs that freedom still would be ours. Whatever you believe, you do so freely because men and women continue to selflessly protect people they'll never meet. Do something nice this year for the greater good, and think about people such as Sgt Raphael Peralta. Peralta had this rifle with him when he absorbed the blast of an enemy grenade, saving the lives of his fellow Marines. Semper Fidelis #SemperFi #USMC #USMCmuseum #Marines #NavyCross #PurpleHeart #KIA #RIP

Twenty two years ago these Marines from HMM-265 helped to achieve victory during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Do you know any of them? Semper Fidelis #SemperFi #USMC #USMCmuseum #DesertStorm

Some old salts like to talk about the Old Corps. This Marine officer's epaulette is from the 1800-1825 timeframe, the age of wooden ships, boarding axes, and Marines in the fighting tops. Do any of you have family who were 18th or 19th century Leathernecks? If so, tell us about them. Semper Fidelis #USMC #USMCmuseum #Marines #Quantico

First procured by the Marine Corps in 1916, the King Armored Car was built by the Armored Car Company of Detroit on a King luxury chassis. After initial testing of two vehicles, Commandant Barrett ordered the purchase of 8 more and the establishment of the 1st Armored Car Squadron in Philadelphia. The vehicle saw no action in WWI. Two were sent to Galveston, TX, where 8th Marines were poised to go into the Tampico Mexico oil fields. Five others were sent to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Does anyone have pictures of their grandfather with one of these? Any chance you're in LAV's, the eventual successor of the King Armored Car? Semper Fidelis #USMC #USA #USMCmuseum #Marines #ArmoredVehicle #artifact #Quantico #SemperFi

This 1896 undress officer's cap belonged to Henry Clay Cochrane. Cochrane was an officer in the United States Marine Corps during the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th century. He participated, most notably, as a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant in the American Civil War, and later the Spanish American War, where he served as Executive Officer of the 1st Marine Battalion during the 1898 landing at Guantanamo Bay, as well as the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, where he was involved with the China Relief Expedition commanding the 1st Regiment of Marines. During the Civil War Lieutenant Cochrane accompanied President Abraham Lincoln as a member of his guard at the dedication ceremony for the new Gettysburg Battlefield Cemetery where Lincoln delivered his famed Gettysburg Address. Cochrane wrote of the experience in his journal. Semper Fidelis #USMC #USA #NMMC #USMCmuseum #Marines #CivilWar #Lincoln #Gettysburg #BoxerRebellion #Guantanamo #GITMO #SemperFi #SPANAMwar #quatrefoil