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University of St. Thomas Post Graduation Survey 2012 is out!

The Career Development Center wishes students a wonderful, long weekend after a stressful week of Midterm exams!

Many resources, one great spot!

What should we call me St. Thomas | When I went to the Career Center

UST Career infogram - All that we do!

Pining for Career Advice? UST Career Development Center is on it!

Pining for Career Advice? « Career Development

Wishing everyone a great 4th of July! We are closed today, will be open tomorrow!

Liberal Arts (6 of 7): What skills did you develop in college?

Liberal Arts (4 of 7): Tips for liberal arts graduates looking for employment

UST Career- keeping you up on all things career.... even at the beach!

D you know your MBTI type? Our career staff can help you out-job-satisfaction-Myers-Briggs

Great video form staffing agencies fair.

Well maybe more humor but laughing can be inspiring...remember we are here to help you on your search!

One does not simply get a job.... One must go to the Career Center!

UST Career Center still located at 350 MHC- come see us TODAY!