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STEM Activities: Elementary School

Here are some fun hands-on activities for teaching elementary school students about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Project-Based Engineering for Kids...several FREE plans for making gizmos like a catapult from popsicle sticks.

How to teach project based engineering to kids

The Magic Ketchup Experiment! Kid friendly site with lots of neat experiments!

Magic Ketchup - A Cartesian Diver Experiment

Earth Science activities to make your units come to life-- my students LOVE these. Easy, hands on and exciting extenstions and experiments.

A day in first grade: I love Science! {and your chance to win!!}

How to Make Lightning — Two simple science experiments for Juniors doing the Get Moving program.

How to Make Lightning ~ Learn Play Imagine

Petri Jello - Mad scientist at work! These are hilarious, and sure that most kids would love them!

Exploring polymers and how they are different from solids and liquids - fun science demonstration!

Gravity Goo: A Self-Siphoning Polymer Gel | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

The Engineering Place Great teaching/engineering activities from NC Sate.

A visual experiment for learning about densities for different solids and liquids.

Hear sounds in stereo with the Stereo Hanger.

Make your own kite and learn about aerodynamics and wind!

...Make your own kite!...

Make a sound sandwich - learn about sound waves and vibration

Kaleid-o-mania: In this hands-on activity, learners build their own kaleidoscopes and explore how light can reflect of off surfaces such as mirrors, to produce beautiful patterns.

Kaleid-o-mania | SMILE

Aerospace Engineering: Make a Homemade Parachute - a fun and simple learning activity for kids!

Be a Mechanical Engineer: Create a pinwheel (wind turbine).

Clothespin Pinwheels |

Be a Civil Engineer: Create a structure using gumdrops and toothpicks.

ZOOM . activities . sci . Gumdrop Dome | PBS Kids