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Sermons from UUCA

Sermons from our ministers Rev. Anthony David and Rev. Marti Keller and guest speakers.

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Does Reincarnation Matter? by Rev. Anthony David. 2/12/11. "That’s how reincarnation connects us to nature, and it also connects us to other people. Have you ever had that uncanny feeling of meeting someone, and you feel like you’ve known them forever, you discover in yourself an attitude towards them that is absolutely not justified by the length of your actual acquaintance? Sometimes the feeling is positive—it’s love, it’s tenderness, it’s a sense of sweet safety, all coming to the fore fully developed, fully there. Other times, what comes to the fore is not so positive—as in times when you feel an immediate threat coming from a person you have only just met! Reincarnation helps us understand. It tells us that we do not come into the world alone and leave it alone. The key people who come into our current lives are probably traveling companions who’ve known us across many lives. Lovers, friends, and enemies: every time we meet again, we pick up where we left off. Our karmic scripts link up where the issues we’re focusing on are shared. Life is a cosmic classroom. We are all teaching and learning from each other."

"Of the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1%: Economic Justice in America" by Rev. Anthony David on 1/15/2012. - "But even more important than all this is the central moral decision each of us must make in our hearts, to help create a more just society. “Every man,” says Dr. King, “must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” It is about light. Got to keep shining a light on what’s happening. Got to enlighten people. Nick Hanauer, one of the exalted 1 percent, gets it, and that gives me hope. He knows that his fate is bound up with the fate of the 99 percent. “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Listen to Dr. King! The greater the inequality, the worse off we all are. It slows down economic growth. It prevents job creation. Trickle-up and Richistan are bad for the 99 percent and ultimately bad for the 1 percent—and you better believe, the people who used to be the 1 percent in Egypt know this all too well. They know. We need to know it too. Greed is not good. "

"Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Books of Wisdom" - Sermon by Rev. Anthony David on Feb. 5th, 2012. "The path there is chutzpah, to begin with. If you are feeling the injustice and unfairness of life so deeply that you hate your world, good. But don’t stop there. Flow with the intensity of your feeling until it corners you into an encounter with the glory of the Sacred, the glory of the abundant Spirit of Life. Ride your discontent all the way to God. God will come to you. Because the God of the Bible understands. The God of the Bible knows what it is like to hate life. This is the same God, remember, who destroyed the entire world with a flood, and ever since has been tempted again and again to destroy. But the God of the Bible grows over time. The God of the Bible changes over time. And perhaps this God will share with you what He shared with Job. That despite all, despite its crookedness, a crookedess the runs through God’s own heart, life is still worth loving, still worth caring for. The majesty of creation. The crooked God. The precious fragile lives that are yours and mine."