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Collecting examples of journey modeling, experience mapping, customer journeys, or whatever you want to call it - documents that explore a long-term relationship between an individual and a system, service, product, brand, or organization. Have something to add? Get in touch - Disclaimer: Some examples are more for visual inspiration and don't fit my preferred definition of a journey map. For more on that, see

Excellent Graphical Process Flow (interaction model / flowchart, not a journey map - but definitely some styles that could be leveraged here :)

Bonus_Content_Customer_Journey_Map.jpg 2,081×1,487 pixels

Ecosystem Modeling for Experience Strategists - Blog post by Megan Grocki @ Mad*Pow

experience maps | Experience maps, user journey, layout

DIY Experience Map | UX Lady

Experience Blueprint Poster (using Keynote)

Experience Blueprint Poster

Digital Platform Journey & Personas by Heather Eddy, via Behance

Customer Journey Mapping - an assortment of case studies & templates by Alex Baar via Slideshare (flying)

inflection customer journey map - Google Search

Loretta Neal | PeopleSmart

Journey mapping using highway & airport symbols - UX Matters - "Mapping User Journeys Using Visual Languages" by Shean Malik

Mapping User Journeys Using Visual Languages :: UXmatters

Elegant minimalist presentation with clear focus on +/- aspects of the journey

Article on "Baking an Experience Map"

DIY Experience Map | UX Lady

Nice mix of text and icons to break down each phase

Love the incorporation of metrics and important stakeholders here

User Journey / Customer Journey

"User Journey Maps Using Comic Strips" - Click through for a nice post on process by Vedran Arnautovic

Slides on Customer Journey Mapping - AC4D Design Library

AC4D Design Library

Psyched for my workshop, coming up next Fri, Oct 26. Get in on the action!

Comparative customer journeys with a mobile social network - Orange