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Think I'll go pick it up now...

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes : Photo

Abort mission.....I said Abort mission

Abort mission.....I said Abort mission

Haha don't steal my sharpie. @Andi Goltz

The 27 Most Passive-Aggressive Things That Ever Happened

Sarcasm- this is soooo true in our family. If we bust your chops, you have been accepted as one of us!!

such a good movie

Morning coffee (39 photos)

This is what it's like having a dog in your bed all night...

I'm really looking forward to packing these groceries in the car, unpacking when I get home, putting the food away, and then cooking dinner.

Cute couple picture fail..I laughed way too hard on this lol

Thanks to Grey's Anatomy, you have unrealistic expectations about life, love, friendship, and men's hair

a making your husband do something for the kids funny quotes

Duck Dynasty- Willie dealing with the fact that his daughter has a boyfriend

Dr Suess explains pregnancy - I can't. This is too funny.