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Ladybug hair clip tutorial (How to make ladybug hair bow)

ILHC 2013 - Juniors - Cyle Dixon & Alexis Davila-2nd place!!

Balloon Ping Pong - great for rainy days

I (Valerie Salstrom) made the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on New Year's Eve. I was so tickled to have this photo appear "above the fold" :) www.juniorjitterb...

Ms Maggie Mo's classroom management: behaviors are described in "do" terms (not "don't"): "In art class I promise I will listen to directions..." (or "work instead of talking", "stay in my seat & raise my hand" "respect my classmates" "use art materials safely"...) Student gets blue card as a reminder, then If behavior improves, student rips card up! If behavior persists, signs card, staples in planner. Quick, easy to use, MUCH better than "here's what I did wrong."

a fun way to get your kids to stop chatting.... check out the link for a cute video and little tricks on how to use it for classroom management!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

Movie clips for your lesson plans...ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme

Making It As A Middle School Teacher: Special Guest Post & New Monthly Feature You Don't Want to Miss!

Hemingway won a contest by writing a short story using only 6 words that would make anyone cry.

Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation

3 Wishes Writing Contest for Elementary Kids (Deadline: 4/11/12)

Creative writing contest for Junior Dispatch kids

Shout Out Writing Contest: The Rules - Enter the writing contest - Next Step Forum - NextStepU - Community