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Make time to get outside for a walk. It'll do more good than you may know. via

Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch. This may be the easiest workout we've ever printed

Kettlebell Pullover [for entire abdominal region] via Muscle & Fitness Hers

Melt the Muffin Top...The Power Abs Workout (this one looks great, and like it will work the legs and butt too)

10 min full body crossfit workout.... quick, but tiring! Great videos.

After baby (even if baby is now 4 years old). This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles that will pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat once.

Working out while pregnant... Pin now read later. Like when you are prego.

30 day challenge - integrated with Brazil butt lift & Insanity.

15-minute killer ab workout

40 Different Abs Exercises You Can Do From The Comfort of Home

to reduce that bulge behind ur back

3 month body transformation. month by month plan.

How to get Shakira's Abs: Belly-Blasting Taps. Sit with knees bent, toes touching floor, arms extended in front of you; lean back until abs engage. Reach hands forward as you bring toes 4 inches off floor (as shown). Return to start for one rep. Do 15 reps. #SelfMagazine

How to get Shakira's abs: Sit & Reach. Balance on a stability ball, toes out and hands behind head. Lean right, extending left arm overhead and reaching right elbow toward right knee (as shown). Return to start; repeat on opposite side for one rep. Do 15 reps. #SelfMagazine

Yoga Sequence That Burns MEGA Calories! Do it as many times as you can.

Yoga Sequence That Burns MEGA Calories!

How to Wake Up Early to Exercise in the Morning.........need to do

Another pinner said: This website is AMAZING. It is my workout bible, and best of all, its completely FREE. Tons of workout vids and plenty more to stave off ruts. Most of the routines are between 12-20 mins long and that's all you need

Billy Blanks HardCore Ab workout video

If you want to eat unhealthy but maintain your weight, here's a small list of foods and how much time you have to work out to burn it off!

Yoga poses to do with kids.. 13 poses- A great way to start the day and to also take breaks during school hours for brain-recharging

tone your arms in 7 days