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Cancerversary calendar charms

Thyroid disease..Some just do not understand.

Think about the worst flu you've ever had, and how tired, and achy and exhausted you felt. Now imagine waking up every day feeling like that, but having to get up, go to work/school and take care of yourself and others feeling that way. Every day. This is thyroid disease.

Chernobyl's Cancerous Shadow Photograph by Gerd Ludwig More than 20 years later, the catastrophe of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion isn’t over for Oleg, 54, and Dima, 13. The two are recovering from thyroid surgery at a medical facility in Belarus. Since world's largest nuclear disaster in 1986, cases of thyroid cancer have exploded, afflicting thousands who could not afford to relocate. UN estimates that 7 million people still live on radioactive land contaminated by the explosion.

fact is that slow thyroid makes your heart weak

..Fingers crossed,I remain this way!!!!

I miss my Thyroid, more then a non thyroid cancer person can imagine :"(

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month starts September 1. Get your t-shirt today!

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Fellow papillary thyroid cancer warrior Roger Ebert's cancer has returned(Same Cancer as me, scary)

  • C Rizo

    I am a Thyca survivor. I have same type of cancer too.

  • Valerie Diaz

    I'm so happy to hear you're a survivor!!!! How many years are you in being a survivor?

  • C Rizo

    :0) it's been since 2007 that I've been a survivor.

  • Valerie Diaz

    Wow that's awesome!!! For me it's been 5yrs!(: congrats!!

  • C Rizo

    That's great! Congrats too! :0)

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